How to Choose the Best Escape Room

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Escape room games are gaining popularity every day, and more players are having much fun. If you have the game in your town, you will be lucky to have a few options for the escape rooms. However, you need to be keen on your choices of the escape rooms because finding the correct ones is quite difficult. For players who have never played the game before are likely to get lost with the variety of options. If you finally find the best escape rooms, you cannot get enough of the fun from the game. If you are a beginner, you need to consider the following tips for choosing the right escape room in your in your town.


team jumpingWho is on your Team?

When you are looking for the best escape room in your town, it is crucial to know how many people you have on your team. You also need to be sure of their requirements in each escape rooms. Each member of your team should have a riddle to solve or something else to do. Find out what challenges are best for your team, and if you do not have the healthiest team, you probably need to stick to the mental challenges. To make sure that all the team members enjoy the game, they all must participate and ideally be able to know each other well enough to communicate effectively.


Deciding on a Theme

Searching through a big list of themes is the best thing you can do when you are looking for the correct escape room. The themes are varied with few limits as to what you can do in the game. Your theme should be realistic and amazing to ensure each member is enjoying the game. As a team, you need to talk and decide on the type of theme you want to take part in the game. Finding a theme will help you find the best escape room.



Even though difficulty is not a major criterion in the game, it has crucial importance when you are looking for the best escape room. The difficulty is an element that you need to determine as a team as the point of everyone’s choice will make great importance in choosing the difficulty level. Remember that the level of your excitement will entirely depend on the difficulty of the game. Make the game is not too easy to make you bored easily and not too hard to stress you up. You need to be realistic with the difficulty of the game so you can have as much fun as you want.


escape planPuzzle Category

You need to know that the type of escape room that you choose will entirely depend on the type of puzzle to solve in the game. To avoid this particular description from slipping from your mind, you need to decide with your team on the type of puzzle to pick for the best excitement in the game. Choose between the logic or physical puzzle depending on your understanding and priorities.