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What To Wear On The Golf Course.

An increasing number of men are taking up golf as a regular pastime, and if you’re one of them, then you’ll know how important it is to look the part. Most golf courses prefer their players to dress to a certain standard before they tee off, but as well as staying smart, it’s also important to wear clothes that are appropriate for the physical activity.

Classic Polo Shirt:

golf turnamentCollars are another pre-requisite, as they’re mandatory at a lot of golf clubs to ensure players look smart, so the obvious choice is the classic polo shirt, and if you want to look like you know what you’re doing, opt for those steeped in gold heritage such as Lyle and Scott polo shirts. Team up with a slim-knit cardigan in the colder weather for a classic look.

Light Cotton Trousers Or Long Shorts:

Jeans are a definite no-no; not only are they frowned upon, but they also don’t offer the flexibility you need for an 18-hole game. Go for light cotton trousers or long shorts that fit well but also enable you to bend and twist without any discomfort, or if you prefer, pick up a pair of long shorts but note that general golf etiquette dictates they should be smart and shouldn’t be shorter than knee level.


The shoes should be flexible and have a good support system that keeps feet comfortable. This isman swinging golf stick crucial for anyone who plays longer games or walks instead of taking a cart around the course

You also need to wear shoes that are fit for purpose, as you want to avoid causing damage to the green, and make sure you opt for footwear that can offer water protection too, as damp feet will affect your swing!

Lightweight Waterproofs:

Lightweight waterproofs are a definite must-have if you’re playing anywhere in the UK, where rain can pretty much happen at any time. Again, though, go for slim-fitting styles to ensure that your clothes don’t interfere with your game, and it may be worth investing in a waterproof hat too. On the flip side – a cap is great for keeping out sun rays when you’re visualizing a perfect putt.

You can’t go wrong with a Lyle and Scott polo shirt, a pair cotton trousers such as chinos, purpose-made golf shoes which are available from big brands such as Nike and Adidas, a peaked hat to block out bright light if needed, and a selection of golf waterproofs which are available from most big sports labels, just in case.…