Anti-Mainstream Ideas for Outstanding Look

serial view of fashion and accessories


If you are one of those beauty trendsetters, then, you will be familiar with the external pressure from the society to look good all the time. Indeed, it is exhausting to lead a celebrity-like life. However, showing up with a plain-looking t-shirt and a pair of ripped pants, no matter how comfortable it is for you, will instantly trigger criticism from the beholders who have been acting like your personal judges. From a polite comment to the harshest critics, if you are reaching this point in your life, there are only two options left for you.

a woman holding some clothes bags

The first option is to ignore all those comments. The second option is to follow the latest trends to please your fans out there. Of course, things will be a little bit complicated for you if you opt to do the second option. For that reason, then, below are several unique ideas to help you look outstanding and different from the crowds.


a woman with long hair blowing her hair with hairdryerFollowing the latest trends is vital for a person with a passion for beauty and fashion. Thus, surrounding yourself with piles of beauty magazines and catalogs will absolutely help you have the broader view about what is in and what is out. Hair is one of the most important trends that you must never ignore. It goes along with the fact that hair is everyone’s crown, and it is crucial to make good use of it for the sake of your overall look.

Several ideas will work for you, while some others will not. The Afro hairstyle, for instance, is one of the newest trends that those women must try. Along with the increasing popularity of African women who make it to the top of fame in Hollywood, it is indeed one interesting trend that is worth trying.


Forget those oversized t-shirts and those pairs of baggy pants. If you indeed feel more comfortable with those outfits, then, these ideas are clearly not for you. Instead of looking dull, however, you can always try to mix and match your outfits with something trendy. Then, everything goes back to the fashion category you are after and your personal taste. Whether you like your outfit with a little vintage touch or you prefer to have those masculine-feminine aesthetics, it is always nice to try many different styles each day.